Make Way for Her and Other Stories, University Press of Kentucky (2018) – To Pre-Order, visit Amazon

Girl Power and Other Short Short Stories, ELJ Editions, 2015 – To Purchase, visit Small Press Distributions

Selected Stories


Lemonade,” Chagrin River Review, (reprint in special 10th Issue), Spring 2017

“The Ark,” Indiana Review, Spring 2017, for a preview, visit Issue 39.1

“Change Begins with You,” Juked, Spring 2015

“Back to Nature,” Potomac Review, Issue 57, Fall 2015 (plus a Q&A)

Fort Lauderdale Is for Lovers,” The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, Summer 2015

“Welcome to Snow,” Ep;phany, December 2014

“Love in the Time of Zombies,” Blue Earth Review, Fall 2014

The First Necessary Heartbreak,” Blackbird, Fall 2014

Flight Plan,” Talking Writing, Fall 2014

Helios,” Day One, Fall 2014

Lemonade,” Chagrin River Review, April 2014

Gentleman’s Game,” Sequestrum, March 2014

The Secret,” Split Lip Magazine, Issue 9, January-March 2014

Wakulla Springs,” The Baltimore Review, Fall 2013

“The Second Happiest Place on Earth,” Third Coast, Spring 2013

“Lexa Flying Solo,” Gulf Coast, Issue 35.2, Spring 2013

Firebug,” Carve Magazine, Winter 2012 (to view a reading of this story, click here)

“Spaceman’s Daughter,” Cimarron Review, Fall 2012

“Pilgrims,” Crab Orchard Review’s Due North Issue, Volume 17, Issue 2, Fall 2012

“History, Revised,” New Madrid, Volume VII, No. 2, Summer 2012

“Warming Up,” Main Street Rag, Summer 2012

“The Promised Land,” Narrative Magazine, Fall 2011

“International Cooking for Beginners,” Willow Springs, Issue 66, Summer 2010

“Tug-of-War,” Passages North, Winter/Spring 2010 Issue

“The Foul-Friendly Sea,” Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 3.3, Fall 2009

“Rapture,” The Ampersand Review, Vol. II, Spring 2009 (click here to hear a podcast)

“Sugar Coat,” The Superstition Review, Issue 2, 2008

“Confirmation II,” St. Ann’s Review, Summer 2007

“Hovering,” Zahir: A Journal of Speculative Fiction, Issue 10, 2006

“Bitter, Sweet, Salt,” Zone 3 Literary Journal, Fall 2005


Selected Flash Fiction


Nowhere But Down,” Mojave River Review, Spring 2017

Kahuna’s,” Mojave River Review, Spring 2017

“Squall,” Burnside Review, Summer 2016

“Slinky,” Burnside Review, Summer 2016

“Royal Treatment,” Atticus Review, Fall 2015

Swallowed,”, Fall 2015 (reprint)

Living with Rex,” Atticus Review, Fall 2015

Minke and Mozart,” Wigleaf, Fall 2015

Quitting Time,” Blue Lyra Review, Issue 4.3, Fall 2015

“Sum of Her Parts,” (reprint) Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres
Edited by Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov, Fall 2015

I Give You, the Mother of the Bride,” Pretty Owl Poetry, Issue 7, Fall 2015

Peanut Butter and Bacon,” CHEAP POP, Summer 2015

Another Man’s Treasure,” Miracle Monacle, Spring 2015

Oasis,” Miracle Monacle, Spring 2015

Missed Connection,” Miracle Monacle, Spring 2015

Nature vs. Nurture,” Open Ground, Spring 2015

Swallowed,” (reprint) We Like It Fast: Writing Prompts and Model Stories from the Editors and Contributors of NANO Fiction,” Summer 2014

Fine Art at the San Diego Zoo,” Fox Chase Review, Summer 2014

Accord and Satisfaction,” Devil’s Lake, Spring 2014

Independence Day,” Devil’s Lake, Spring 2014

The Moon, That Bright Tether,” Devil’s Lake, Spring 2014

Invisible,” Matchbook Literary Magazine, Spring 2014

The Strong Woman, After Failing Her Massage Therapy Practical Exam,” Booth, Spring 2014 (2015 Wigleaf Top 50)

Labor Day,” Contrary, Spring 2014

Faking It,” Lascaux Review-250 Online, 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Finalist, Spring 2014

LETLUVINTRIN®,” Gone Lawn Journal, Spring 2014

Camping Christopher Creek,” WhiskeyPaper, Spring 2014

A Geologic Survey of Love,” WhiskeyPaper, Spring 2014

Mead or Mulberry Wine?” WhiskeyPaper, Spring 2014

In the Beginning of the End,” Every Day Fiction, Spring 2014 (This site lets readers rate stories on a 5-star scale.)

“The Junior Superheroes Club of Tallahassee, FL,” Saw Palm, Spring 2014

Rules of Combat,” Passages North, Spring 2014

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” Passages North, Spring 2014

Italian Classes at Tony’s Leaning Tower of Pizza,” Prime Number, Winter 2013

Baby Pictures,” The Citron Review, Winter Issue 2013

Run All Day, Run All Night,” Lunch Ticket, Winter Issue 2013

Insatiable,” Sundog Lit, Issue Four, Fall 2013

Before the Monsoon,” Sundog Lit, Issue Four, Fall 2013

Gravity,” Bartleby Snopes, November 2013

Disappearing Act,” Word Riot, October 2013

Girl Power,” Monkeybicycle, October 2013

Under the Weather,” Cease, Cows, August 2013

“Food, Water, Shelter,” Pithead Chapel, Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2013

Best Laid Plans,” Extract(s), June 2013

“Dinner at Margie and Stan’s,” Pembroke Magazine, Number Forty-Five, Spring 2013

“Gliese 581g,” NANO Fiction, Issue 10, Summer 2012

“Anger Management,” Fiction Southeast, Spring 2012

“Play Dead,” Seven Hills Review, Volume 17, Spring 2012

“Hide and Seek,” Fiction Southeast (reprint), Fall 2011 Issue

“Let Down Your Hair,” Silk Road, Volume 6.2, Fall 2011

“Paula’s Old Tyme Pirate Photos,” Harpur Palate, Volume 11, Fall 2011

“Thrill Ride,” River Styx, Issue 85, Summer 2011

“Sum of Her Parts,” Smokelong Quarterly, Spring 2011, Issue 32

Hide and Seek,” New South, Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2010 Issue

Swallowed,” NANO Fiction, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2007


Selected Essays/Memoir/Interviews


“An Unsentimental Interview with Debra Monroe,” Writer’s Chronicle, Winter 2017

A Real Boy,” ENDPAIN, Fall 2016

“Love, Sports, and the Secret to Happiness,” Waxwing Literary Journal, Spring 2016

An Interview with Katie Cortese,” interviewed by Mark L. Keats, Fiction Southeast, Fall 2015

Q and A with Katie Cortese,” Potomac Review, Fall 2015

Author Q&A: Katie Cortese,” interviewed by Misha Rai, The Southeast Review, Fall 2015

“Janet Jackson, Aristotle, and Frankenstein’s Monster Walk into a Bar: Humor in Flash Fiction,” Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres, Edited by Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov, Fall 2015

Why I Write,” Fiction Southeast, Spring 2015

When Not in Rome: Tips for Traveling Middle Italy,” The Common, Spring 2014

A Recipe for Satisfying Flash,”, Winter 2013

Winning Like a Girl,” Sport Literate, forthcoming Fall 2013

Things American: NFL Preview (The Patriots and Moby-Dick),” American Short Fiction, Fall 2013

Sweet Home Massachusetts,” decomP, August 2013

“Mr. Fixit,” The Tusculum Review, Volume 9, Spring 2013

Confessions of a Perpetual New Kid,” Passages North Online, Fall 2012

“Life on a Half Shell,” Arizona State University’s Marginalia, Spring 2008


Selected Poems


Portland Street,” Pretty Owl Poetry, Summer 2015

“A Pocket Guide to Cosmic Bowling,” The Prose-Poem Project, Fall 2011

“Rowboat,” The Prose-Poem Project, Fall 2011

“Alchemical Confrontations in June,” PANK, Fall 2009

“An Autumn Seurat,” PANK, Fall 2009

“Squall,” The VisualText Project II, 2005

“How to Catch a Desert Fish,” The Comstock Review, 2005